Self-evolution is a lifelong journey that is shaped by your failures and successes, as well as our internal and external environment. It is a paradigm shift in the view of yourself, as well as the world around you. Don’t just exist. EVOLVE!

  1. Find your Purpose! Get clear on what matters most to you.
  2. Stop focusing on the end point and enjoy the journey! You’ll find yourself soaking up more knowledge and you’ll appreciate where you’ve been, as well as where you’re going.
  3. Develop and exercise PATIENCE. It really is a virtue!
  4. Meditate daily. This takes practice. Start off with small amounts of time and build from there. Relax and find your inner peace.
  5. Consider any failures not as a loss, but as lessons learned. Don’t get down on yourself. Let them be your strength and use them as building blocks for all future success.
  6. Demolish your Gremlin! Your gremlin is that voice you hear telling you that you cannot do something. It does its best to strike fear in your heart. DO NOT LISTEN. Tame it. Remember, you are in control of your gremlin – do not let it control you.
  7. Make yourself happy. Don’t look to others for happiness or validation. Define yourself, be yourself and love yourself unequivocally. Remember, no one can love you more than YOU!
  8. Continually invest in the improvement of the 6 environments of YOU!
  9. Journal daily. Although we are in the age of technology, get a journal and pen and write daily. This simple act can change your life. Let your feelings and emotions flow out onto the paper. Go back later to read it. Evaluate it and then use it to EVOLVE!
  10. LET GO OF THE PAST! I cannot stress this enough. If you keep looking backward you will find yourself going backward. Focus on the future and keep moving forward. Great things are awaiting you.

“The universe is full of magical mysteries waiting on you to unlock them”

– Dr. Lisa



Dismiss the “Nay Sayers” in your life.  Anyone who displays negativity towards your efforts, leave them in the barn.  Have you heard the saying “if you can’t change the people around you – change the people around you”? Don’t be afraid to act on this. Sometimes it is those closest to us that want to keep us functioning and vibrating at low levels. You may hurt some feelings but it is all for the best. Empower yourself and only surround yourself with others who can uplift you.

– Dr. Lisa Y. Guerrant